Templates for DIY sequin embellishment (tutorial video on Instagram @wearcarbs)


Upcycle old garments with simple sequin embellishments! 


You will need:

-Templates (printed out or hand drawn and designed by you!)

-Needle & thread


-A pen or pencil

-Seed beads



1. Firstly, cut around your paper templates.


2. I recommend using a non-stretch garment (for the Instagram tutorial I used an old denim jacket). Draw around your templates with pen/pencil wherever you would like your garment to sparkle.


3. Thread your needle and tie the two ends in a secure knot. Use seed beads (very small beads!) to stitch a neat outline along your drawn lines. To save time thread 3 or 4 beads at a time.


4. Fill with sequins! To do this, thread a sequin, then a bead, then sew back through the sequin. Overlap your sequins slightly when you sew them on to your garment. Get creative and use a mixture of different coloured sequins!


I use these sequins:


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